Go Alliance Academy

Washington State GEAR UP, in partnership with the Washington College Access Network, is pleased to offer the Go Alliance Academy to our school staff.

About the Go Alliance Academy

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) developed and continues to coordinate the Go Alliance Academy. This nationally recognized curriculum aims to strengthen college and career advisement for students by providing school counselors, postsecondary advisors, teachers and principals with new and relevant knowledge. Washington is one of 20 states using this curriculum. Learn more: http://www.sreb.org/go-alliance-academy

Next Course Offering

We will offer a new Go Alliance Academy course to begin in mid-January 2017. The course, College and Career Advising for Special Populations (6 sessions), will be open to all staff in GEAR UP partner schools. We encourage teachers, counselors, and GEAR UP staff to participate.

If interested in participating, please complete this online form to register.

About the Course

NEW! College and Career Advising for Special Populations Module (6 sessions)

Counselors need specialized knowledge to adapt advising for students in special circumstances (e.g., youth in foster care or expiring homelessness, students with disabilities, etc.). This course will give you:

  • Deeper understanding of special populations (and ways to build support systems for them).
  • Insights into helping diverse students explore postsecondary options and plan their academic choices accordingly.
  • Ways to optimize the guidance you provide into the application process for college and financial aid — and making the transition to what’s next.
  • Note: All of the modules will have Washington specific information included.

The Components

The course will include:

  • Goals for learning.
  • Online readings.
  • Online resources, such as lesson plans, how-to-guides and interactive websites.
  • Practical activities (online and offline).
  • Short webinars and videos demonstrating practices proven to be effective.
  • A culminating project to help you implement on the job what you learned in training.
  • Resources to help you improve interaction with students immediately.


  • You participate on your own time and your own schedule.
  • You are part of a cohort. Everyone will start and end the course at the same time.
  • A trained professional from Washington State will serve as the facilitator. 
  • There will be weekly assignments submitted to the facilitator, required discussion board posting, and required reading.
  • Participants will need to complete approximately 4 to 6 hours of coursework each week.


  • Any staff in a WSAC GEAR UP partner school may apply to participate.
  • Space is given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • 24 participants per course is the maximum allowed. 
  • You must complete the coursework outside of paid work time.
  • You must have access to a computer and the internet to participate.
  • You will be compensated with a $250 stipend upon completion of the course.

Credit & Clock Hours

  • Seattle University will offer the following options:
    • Post-baccalaureate credits (2 per module), $40 per credit
    • Continuing Education Units, $15 each
    • Clock hours, $2 per hour
  • It will be the participants’ responsibility to purchase the credits or clock hours. GEAR UP funds cannot be used for this purpose.
  • Upon completion of all 4 modules, participants will be given a “College and Career Professional Certificate.”

Questions? Contact Beth Kelly at bethk@wsac.wa.gov