Summer Camp Menu

Here at Washington State GEAR UP, we really love for students to have multiple on-campus experiences. Summer camps are just another way to get more students on campus. Our goal is to provide students with a multi-day/night campus experience whenever possible.

 We endorse a number of high-quality camps that we endorse. Please see the attachment for that menu of options. The camps listed focus on academic enrichment, leadership, and/or college/career exploration. There are a few ways you can proceed:

  1.       If you included this cost in your budget OR if your budget is underspent, providing this opportunity for students is an allowable and encouraged use of funds. You may need to revise your budget  if it was not in your original plan. Please review your budgets to see if a revision is needed, especially for summer camp activity.  See: FORM: Plan and Budget Revision Request.
  2.       If you do not have enough funds, you may request additional funds to provide this service. To request additional grant funds for this purpose, please email your request to Marcie at .

 If you choose to purse the summer camp option, then please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1.       You must target low-income students.
  2.       You must invite ALL GU eligible students to apply.
  3.       You must have an established process for student selection.
  4.       You can pay for camp registration and travel costs.
  5.       You must make use of any available scholarships or financial aid.
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